I have been sliding since I was little. Born in Pau, I hurtle down the Pyrenees mountains from the age of 3 and then, very athletic, I skid on the beaten lands of Bearn with my own way of sliding!

In 1986, my parents bought a house in Messanges… I instinctively taste the joys of skiing (bodyboard, skim-board, bodysurf, skateboard) and one day the sport of kings: surfing! Carried by a family intoxicated by the ocean, a fisherman dad, a surfing teacher brother, it is only natural that I orient myself, after 4 years of STAPS studies, towards teaching my aquatic passion.

Tennis teacher, PE teacher, hardworking and a little against the idle stereotype of the surfer, I measure every day how lucky I am to live by the ocean on one of the most beautiful coasts of the world… from Hendaye to Soulac, I surf all the spots with this eternal curiosity to get to know my region better and I discover new sumptuous places every winter.

My passion has also led me to travel to California, Indonesia, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco … It is with this desire to discover and share that I approach your surf lesson. I respect your success and your well-being at all times.

The technical background and the pedagogical experience mean that our teaching is very structured and coherent so that everyone can slide at the speed of their own pace.

Surfing, believe us, it’s magic !!!