I’ve been gliding since I was a little boy. Born in Pau, I devoured as early as 3 years the Pyrenean mountains and then, very sporty, I skid on the beaten Bearnais tracks in my own way !

In 1986, great ! … my parents buy a house in Messanges … I instinctively taste the joys of gliding (bodyboard, skim-board, bodysurf, skateboard) and one day the sport of kings: surfing! Carried by an ocean drunken family, fishing dad, surfing bro, it is quite natural that I oriented, after 4 years of STAPS course, towards the teaching of my aquatic passion.

Tennis, EPS, hardworking and a little against the idle stereotype of the surfer, I measure every day the chance I have of living by the ocean on one of the most beautiful coasts of the World … from Hendaye to Soulac, I surf all the spots with this eternal curiosity to know better my region and I discover every winter new sumptuous places.

My passion has also led me to travel to California, Indonesia, Ireland, Spain, Portugal … It is with this desire for discovery and sharing that I approach your surf course. I am respectful of your success and your well-being at all times.

The technical background and the educational experience make our teaching very structured and coherent so that everyone can glide at his own pace. In 2009, I joined the surf school with Nico, then renamed the school under its current name “La Dune” in 2012. In 2015, I created the “Dune Surf Camp”, charming accommodation for Surfers of all levels, 1km from the beach.

This year, I am launching « Daxi-Surf School », surf shuttle for those who live in Dax.