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Opened from april to november

The Sckool

 La Dune Surf School

A genuine school run by a group dedicated surfers. Conviviality in a dreamy  environment.

Right on the top of the Dune !

Messanges main beach, the only school on the dune facing the surf spot !
A board, a wetsuit, just walk down the stairs … There you are !

La Dune offers :

  • Surfing lessons
  • SUP lessons
  • Equipment rental

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Learn to surf with us

In our surf school, you’ll learn surfing globally, faster, with optimal pleasure and safety.

In short, after a week, the goal is to be autonomous in 4 feet waves and first of all, to have fun !

Learn to surf in trust

The school is run by surf professionals and is labeled « Ecole Française de Surf ». Our teaching is convivial, ans adapted to the abilities and expectations of our trainees.
Our courses are organized so that trainees of same age and skill are grouped, every session includes practice and theoretical tuition.
We will help you to understand the ocean, its hazards and its particularities.

See our Team

The Team

We decided to unite our efforts to guaranty the best teaching quality possible. We are qualified surf instructors (Surfing State Certificate and National Water Rescue Certificate).
We all have at least 15 years experience in the field of surf teaching.
Beyond professionalism, surfing is a passion and a feeling that we which to share with you in a dreamy environment.

  • Nico

    Surf Instructor, Sailing Instructor, Store Manager Skiset.
    Nico Messanges
  • Zabou

    Complete surfer, always at your disposal, she will guide you safely in the waves.
  • Rémy

    Rémy, le young gun du team, vous apportera toute sa sympathie et son énergie !
  • Benoit

    Leading the "Dune Surf School" since 2009 and the Dune Surf Camp (2015). Surf Instructor, Tennis Monitor. PE teacher.

We are flexible and adapt to …

Surf conditions

  1. Tides, of large amplitude in France, drastically change the aspect of waves. Our experience allows us to chose the right time and the right destination.
  2. Sand banks, move regularly, they shape waves and currents. According to ocean conditions, we will guide you to the right bank.
  3. Swell size and so wave size is a determining parameter for surfing. Our advices will maximize your safety and fun in your practice of surfing.


  1. depending on your body size and on yourfitness, you can choose between many options, for example play with the foams near the shore or paddle out to get the waves.
  2. If you prefer family or group surfing, our organization based on couples of instructors will let you practice all together in safety, no matter how different you can be from each other in age and skills..
  3. We offer multiple categories of age : Wave Garden (5-10 y/o), Junior (11-13 y/o), Teens (14-17 y/o), Grownups and sometimes in autumn Senior Surfers (Wave Lords category).




With La Dune Surf School, it’s rather simple. Everything is done to let everyone glide on the foams or on the waves, at his own pace.
Our pedagogy is playful and convivial for, first of all, surfing is fun. this fun may begin lying down on the board or on your knees then, finally, standing up, which is the Holy Grail for every beginner.

During your training, you will:

  • acquire the right  gesture,
  • surf at the right time of the tide,
  • on a wave and on a board that are adapted to your skills
  • learn to read sand banks,
  • use  the currents to reach the peak.
  • understand and respect the rules of priority for you won’t be alone out there.

In short, after a week, your goal will be to be autonomous on 4 feet waves and to have fun !



You start on the dune, which is the ideal place to choose your spot. Our groups are as homogenous as possible and do not exceed 8 trainees.


The pace of our courses respects the stages defined by our label  (French Federation of Surfing) :

  1. A walk to the beach to reach the right sand bank
    With us, as you’ll start on the Dune itself, this trip will be the shortest !
  2. a specific warming up oriented to the practice of surfing
  3. a few gatherings to give you short and precise instructions
  4. practice time, as the instructor will be with you in the water to give you the right advice.
  5. resting times with debriefing about your practice
  6. an appraisal for the session
  7. the walk back to the sckool with an instructor if the trainees are below 18 y/o


A wide range of high quality equipment

Top of the line equipment and various boards to fit with your body size and skills. Our wetsuits can keep you warm at any season; gloves and wetsuit boots are provided off-season. From beginner to experts, including advanced surfers, we have what you need.

See some examples of what you find on our racks for your surf lessons or rental :

For Fist Timers

Foam surfboards, stable, light and safe. This year, some of our surfboards have handles to ease transport (including the following brands : OCEAN & EARTH, 7OCEANS et HURRICANE). These boards are shorter, lighter, have more volume to increase flotation. They are easier to handle in the water and on the beach.

For the Kids

For Wave Garden, Junior Intermediate categories, we have the proper designs adapted to their size and level. The GBoards by Bic (a French brand) are one of our favorite featured boards, wide to surf foams, or narrower to practice take-off in the soft slopes of small waves.
To begin to get past the breakers the fish (with their swallow tail) by the californian brand CBC will do the job, still with a foam deck for your safety.

For Intermediates

The GBoards have enough rocker (longitudinal curve) and prevents you from nose diving on take-off. They let you control direction by leaning into the turn thanks to sharp shape.
This year, you’ll have the opportunity to discover epoxy made hybrid boards entirely covered with foam for a better glide, a better paddle comfort and a total safety with the brand Ocean & Earth.

For Advanced Surfers

We provide a wide range of boards, depending on the conditions and the body size. From a 6’0 short board to a 9′ longboard. You will enjoy our hybrid epoxy boards and their maneuverability. Their foam on top will garanty flotation and safety. The brands we chose are : STORM, VICTORY (French brand) et MR SUNSET, all in full epoxy, pointy or rounded nose like Victory boards.

For rental

In easy surf conditions, all these boards are available. In more difficult conditions (waves > 4 feet ; stronger currents), please ask for advice. Your safety depends on it. An up to date ID is necessary for renting of a board. We also rent bodyboards + fins, and wetsuits.

Equipment Rental

From the Dune, you can go and try a lot of boards without having to bring your equipment ! You just have to bring it back to our hostess during school opening time.
From beginners to experts, including advanced surfers, we have everything you need. All the boards are available next to the ocean.
In more difficult conditions (waves > 4 feet ; stronger currents), please ask for advice. Your safety depends on it. An up to date ID is necessary for renting of a board. We also rent bodyboards + fins, and wetsuits.
Have a good surf !!!

Skill levels

Wave Garden

Special course for groms !
Foam covered boards. Discovering glide in the foam then in low tide border waves. Success and fun guarantied. Learning from 5 years old. A snack is offered at the end of the week when surf passport are delivered.


First-timer or beginner, you whish to know the ocean better.
At the end of the training, you will raise up and stand on the board while gliding to the shore. Fun and feelings guarantied !
Foam covered boards, stable and light. Courses on or near low tide.


More autonomous, you begin to paddle out to the lineup, avoiding the breaking zone.
At the end of the training, you will do a proper takeoff in a small wave then keep your balance in the slope !
We will use shorter foam boards.


At mid-tide for a better wave quality. We will guide you in the choice of the best spot. At the end of the training, you will perform turns adapted to the section of the wave. Two key words : positioning and wave reading. We use more advanced epoxy short boards.

Offers and Prices

Initiation to Surfing

The joy of surfing for all

3 Days Training

A good way to progress

One Week Training

A sure way to improve your surfing

Wave Garden

The right pedagogy for groms !

Private Lesson

A Custom Course just for you

Group Lesson

Surfing and conviviality !

Detailed price List

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departures to courses are done from the dune. It’s an ideal location to chose your spot. Our groups are as homogeneous as possible (age, skill, body size) and are limited to 8 trainees.

These prices correspond to a purchase on line. Order your traineeship one week ahead and get a 10€ discount in season (24/06 au 08/09) and in off-season.

All our formulas include : – A ane-to-one support Equipment loan (board, wetsuit) A personnal accident insurance Theory and practice oriented teaching An environmental education.

For all
(11 y/o and +)
Wave Garden
(5-10 ans)
Initiation to Surfing 1H30 Season : 35€
Off-season : 30€
Extra lesson 1H30 30€ 25€
Week end training 2 x 1H30 Season : 60€
Off-season : 50€
Season : 50€
Off-season : 45€
Week end training 2 days Intensive 2 x 1H30
+ equipment loan outside of courses
Season : 80€
Off-season : 70€
Season : 70€
Off-season : 65€
Mini-training 3 days 3 x 1H30 Season : 90€
Off-season : 75€
Season : 75€
Off-season : 70€
Mini-training 3 days Intensive 3 x 1H30
+ equipment loan outside of courses
Season : 120€
Off-season : 110€
Season : 105€
Off-season : 100€
One week training 5 x 1H30 Season : 140€
Off-Season : 130€
Season : 120€
Off-Season : 110€
One week training intensive 5 x 1H30
+ equipment loan outside of courses
Season : 190€
Off-season : 180€
Season : 170€
Off-season : 160€
10 days training 10 x 1H30 240€ 220€
Private course 1H30 1pers 70€2pers 100€ 3pers 130€
Groups Contact us for prices

Rental in season (from 26/06 to 10/09)

2h 4h Day Week 10 days
Bic Foam 12€ 15€ 20€ 80€ 120€
ShortBoard Epoxy 15€ 20€ 25€ 100€ 150€
SUP + Paddle 20€ 30€ 40€ 150€ 220€
Bodyboard + fins 10€ 12€ 15€ 60€ 90€
fins 3€ 5€ 8€ 30€ 50€
Wetsuit 5€ 8€ 10€ 35€ 55€

Off-season rental

2h 4h Day Week 10 Days
Bic Foam 10€ 12€ 15€ 60€ 100€
Epoxy ShortBoard 12€ 14€ 20€ 70€ 110€
SUP + Paddle 15€ 22€ 30€ 120€ 200€
Bodyboard + fins 10€ 12€ 15€ 50€ 80€
fins 3€ 5€ 8€ 30€ 50€
Wetsuit 5€ 8€ 10€ 35€ 50€


“SUP” is a Standing UP type of surfing using a paddle. It can be practiced in a variaty of conditions : Wave, allround, long distance race, river touring (inflatable sup), with a sail (windsurf).

Our offer includes initiation to Sup in waves on in lake depending on conditions. We can advise you about the diffent pratices and equipment choice.

Black Local Test Center

Sandwich construction ( lighter and stronger ) & made in france. Free prior purchase test

Courses : Initiation, advanced

(included equipment) :
Private course 1h: 60€
Course for 2 persons 1h: 45€ / person

Lake and river touring

. From 35€.

Rental on site


« Save -10 € on your traineeship ».

By reserving, you will get a 10€ discount in season* and in off-season as well on your one week traineeship. Our school is opened everyday from April to November.

A cancelled course (storm, big swell…) is postponed, remplaced (tour in SUP) or refunded.

Every reservation cancelled less than one week before the beginning of the traineeship implies the cashing of the check.

* From 24/06 to 8/09

Online  Réservation

To book, please fill in the online form. Just click the button below.


Surf School


We are
a Surf School
And a Surf Camp


You need hosting near Messanges ?
Here is a list of accomodations in Messanges and the surroundings.
From the holiday resorts to the camping sites, including hotels, surf-camps and private houses, our large network of partners will satisfy you.
Benefit : You get a 10€ discount for your traineeship purchased on site (Cannot be cumulated with other special offers. ).


What our customers say :

  • Super semaine de découverte de surf, nous avons adoré. L'école de surf est juste en face de la plage. Le matériel est de bonne qualité. Merci à nos profs très compétents et sympathiques Benoit et Olivier. Une seule envie refaire du surf l'année prochaine!
  • Je suis allé à cette école pour une semaine de stage et c'était juste génial!!! Je le referai avec grand plaisir! Les monos sont supers et pros, ils donnent d'excellents conseils et sont très présents. Une super expérience pour une première fois.
  • Une semaine de surf en compagnie de Benoît, Zabou et Soraya, c'était vraiment top! Professionalisme, pédagogie, conseils, connaissance des spots, bonne humeur, tout y était. Et également la sensation d'avoir franchi un petit palier dans cette activité... Vive le surf! Et à l'an prochain à Messanges! 🙂
  • Top
  • Mes deux enfants ont pris leurs premiers cours de surf cette année, ma fille en Jardin de Vagues et mon fils en Initiation. Très bien accompagnés par des moniteurs sympas, consciencieux, 2 à 3 moniteurs par cours... Très bonne école, la seule sur la dune !!
  • De très bons moments passés pendant ces 2 matinées de cours de surf avec Benoît et notre petit groupe de débutants 🙂 gentillesse, rigolade et conseils avisés, de quoi progresser dans la bonne humeur je recommande!! à une prochaine!
  • On est venus ici quelques fois pendant nos vacances pour louer des planches et on a fait un cours aussi. Des prix très raisonnables et les propriétaires sont vraiment sympas. On reviendra sûrement l'année prochaine !
  • Voilà ! En cette fin d’année, je vous souhaite à tous et à tous vos proches beaucoup de bonheur. Surtout une bonne santé qui vous permettra de surfer longtemps… J’espère vous revoir cet été, en attendant je mets en pratique vos conseils en méditerrané.
  • Elie et Amaya reviendront surfer à Messanges avec vous l’été prochain.
  • Nous vous retournons tous nos voeux pour l'année 2014 ! Sympa pour cette remise nous en profiterons car on revient en juillet pour un autre stage dans votre école.Les garçons ont bien surfé de leurs côtés et rêves de vagues (les fonds d'écran des ordis sont là pour le prouver!).
  • Une semaine de surf au top On était un groupe de niveaux différents et on a tous progressé grâce a Benoit et Olivier qui sont pédagogues et sympathiques Pas d'hésitation si vous souhaitez faire du surf à Messanges !! Signe : les hieaux
  • Toujours au top! Les moniteurs sont les mêmes, ainsi que leur bonne humeur. Benoît et Nico, compétents et sympas. Nous y revenons avec plaisir pour la troisième année, avec une pause en2015, et Benoît nous a scotché : il se souvenait de notre nom de famille et des prénoms des enfants lorsque nous sommes venus nous inscrire. Très bonne semaine de surf. Continuez comme ça.
  • Très bons instructeurs, conseils et super esprit dans cette école juste en face du spot. Matériel neuf et de très bonne qualité. Grand choix de planches
  • Rien à redire, l'accueil été très bon. La pédagogie, la patience et le fun sont au RDV ! Les explications sont claires et les progrès se voient rapidement.
  • Super école qui privilégie la qualité de ses cours à la quantité même s'il y aurait matière à .... supers formateurs, attentifs et très compétents, fous amoureux de leur sport! Ecole super bien placée en haut de la plage et tarifs raisonnables (pas d'augmentation depuis 3 ans...)
  •  Ecole 'trop bien.  L'avis de ma fille de 7 ans est dans le titre. Les animateurs sont cool et attentifs. Apprendre le surf aux enfants si jeunes ne doit pas être chose simple et pourtant ils s'en sortent très bien... Ma fille est ravie pour sa deuxième année de cours.
  • L'école est idéalement placée en haut de la dune. J'ai fait une semaine de cours pour moi et mon fils qu'ils prennent à partir de 5 ans. Toute l'équipe est très sympa malgré l'intensité de la saison en plein mois d'août pour moi. Je recommande chaudement, ainsi que l'hébergement de Benoît à Messanges, un petit village sympa pour un Surfcamp à dimension familiale (maison pour accueillir 12 locataires). Soraya & Benoît vous accueilleront chaleureusement avec leur gentillesse naturelle.
  • Équipe super aussi bien avec les adultes qu'avec les enfants, très pro et très bon accueil. Possibilité en plus de louer des surfs pour s'améliorer tout seul... En plus le site est sympa...
  • il faut de la pédagogie et de la patience à cette équipe pour initier au surf des (adultes) débutants : quel sport difficile !!! Mais après 3 jours de doute, on se met debout et on part dans les vagues grâce aux Moniteurs. Spot de premier ordre, l'école est au somment de la Dune avec vue plongeante sur les vagues. Signé : surfeuse niveau "mousse" 😉
  • Mes deux enfants se sont initiés cet été à La Dune. Le lieu déjà : la plage principale de Messanges est fantastique, alors l'école au sommet de la dune, juste à côté du célèbre snack de la plage, tout de suite, on a envie ! Ensuite l'accueil & les moniteurs, tout y est : l'esprit surf, la sécurité, les équipements, on a pas peur d'y laisser ses gamins partir affronter l'océan ! En bref, la SEULE, la VRAIE, l'UNIQUE école de surf de Messanges !!



How to find us :

From the roundabout in the Messanges village, head to the beach, you will find us 1km further.
We are the Only Surf School on the Dune, a wooden path on the right will lead you to the reception.

Adress :

La Dune Surf School
22 avenue du centre
40660 Messanges

Telephone :

+33 (0)6 07 76 18 98

Location :

Messanges Beach has some interesting particularities :

Our natural surroundings offer an appeasing landscape and an endless beach, pine forests, bicycle paths, many lakes and streams.
Messanges beach is urbanization free, but Hossegor or Biarritz are close enough for those who enjoy urban & night life.

Nature & Culture !

Send us a message !